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Villa in Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, for Sale

[ bullet point ] Ideal location

Villa Maria Elena is located in the small comunity of Buenos Aires, just one mile north of the little town of Los Barriles, and equi-distant between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. Both these towns are a 1.5 hour drive away and have all the shopping facilities you may require, as well as International Airports.


[ bullet point ] Beautiful setting

[ bullet point ]From the villa there are sweeping views of the white sandy beaches of the Sea of Cortez and the mountain ranges of the Sierra de la Laguna. The estate is set back 750 feet from the Sea of Cortez which offers it protection from the moisture and fine sand carried by the winter winds, which can be a considerable irritant to those people living in oceanfront properties.

[ bullet point ] "Watching the sun rise in the morning out of the Sea of Cortez, or settle to sleep beyond the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, or sitting on the balcony, sipping your cocktail and watching the huge yellow moon come up in front of you, reflected in the ocean, is like pure meditation - you don't need much else in this world..."

[ bullet point ] Luxury living

The house consists of the main house and two adjoining guest-houses.

The main house comprises 2700 sqft. of living space, plus an additional 1500 sqft. of terrace-like balconies and a big court (700 sqft.) with a fountain at the center. The extension to the court is the entrance to the estate. The building has been constructed in a Mediterranean style, with pillars and arches all around, which makes for a majestic look, from the outside, and very comfortable feelings from the inside.

Views from the house
"Truly breathtaking 360 degree views of the white sand beaches of the Sea of Cortez, from Punto Pescadero to Cabo Pulmo, and the Coastal Mountain Ranges, the Sierra de la Laguna."

The lower part of the central unit comprises a big kitchen and dining area, as well as a library (or first living room), and in the middle of the unit, under the big staircase, is a toilet with entrances from both sides of the lower floor.

Upstairs, you have an extensive living-room-area (680 sqft.)with a big cheminee in the middle of one wall, as well as the master bedroom and bathroom, which features a big jacuzzi-bathtub.

In front and on the back side, towards the Sea of Cortez, there are 8 ft. wide terraces along the whole house greatly enlarging the already abundant living-space. From this 65 feet long balcony you can enjoy truly breathtaking 360 degree views of the white sand beaches of the Sea of Cortez, from Punto Pescadero to Cabo Pulmo, and the Coastal Mountain Ranges, the Sierra de la Laguna.

[ bullet point ] Two fully self-contained guest-houses

The two identical guest-houses (each comprising 900 sq.ft.) are completely independent units, i.e. they have there own kitchen and living-room area, large bedroom with lots of built-in-closet space, and a very spacious bathroom. The guest-houses are accessible from the main-house; however, the doors can be locked and two separate entries can be used (from the court or from each of the balconies). So there is total privacy, if so desired, although two more parties /families may be living with you. Each of the guesthouses has its big balcony with a big round table and palapa above it.

[ bullet point ] Premium quality woodwork and fittings

The two kitchens in the guesthouses, the wardrobes in the three bedrooms and 13 doors have been built using massive pieces of mahogany, with intricate glasswork in the three entrance-doors and the door to the master-bedroom.

Two french double-glass-doors lead from the lower main unit to the outside.The tiles in the main house have been imported from Italy (marble-style, 17x17"). Because of the proximity of the Sea of Cortez, we have chosen dark-bown aluminium windows of the finest quality (Electro 200, Transparent Acrylic).

[ bullet point ] Extensive gardens and landscaped walkways

"30 palm-trees and numerous boughainvillas of beautiful colours..."

In one corner of the garden is a big, beautiful, green-marble-style Jacuzzi. The property comprises almost 50 000 sqfeet, which provides for ample space for swimming pool(s), horse-stables and multiple garages*. It has three entrances: one main walk-in entrance, leading towords the court with the fountain, a big vehicle entrance, and one small side-gate to the walk-way to the ocean (a 2 min. walk) There are tiled walkways circling the house and connecting to the carpark; along these walkways and around the terasses are 85 low-voltage pathway-landscaping-lights for cosy nighttime.The landscaping has only been started with about 30 palm-trees and numerous boughainvillas of beautiful colours; and two big lawn-areas right and left of the main entrance, but much is still open to your imagination.

The owner of this beautiful estate has to return to Europe for health and family reasons and as such the property can be yours for a mere U.S. $695.000

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